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Ayurvedic Herbalism

Throughout my life, I've had my share of struggles with my health. During these periods I would try so many different vitamins, herbs, and foods to bring myself back into balance. Over time I've learned so much about how "dis"-ease very much disturbs the mental and spiritual health of us all. No matter how many herbs and vitamins we try to use if we don't focus on our mental/spiritual health we will inevitably continue to suffer. Focusing on how we perceive our challenges can bring great relief allowing things to turn around. These obstacles can be the pathway to self-discovery opening up our greatest gifts. 

Today we live in a world where there is so much uncertainty, this leads to stress and anxiety. We all have been susceptible to depression and fear. This puts a lot of stress on the nervous system which can lead to mental fatigue and adrenal burnout. It's amazing to see how the way we look at life and what we focus on can affect our wellbeing. 


With all this in mind, I focus on bringing people back into their center for a more heart-centered way of being. Through this, we can dive deeper into peeling back the layers of your challenges and get to the root of them.


Tapping into the wealth of knowledge I've learned from Ayurveda, Indigenous practices, Western Herbalism, and Plant Spirit medicine. We will focus on finding ways to improve your life. Through the use of herbs, simple lifestyle changes, diet, time in nature, spiritual practices, and creating a daily routine.


I would be honored to assist you on your healing journey. 

To book an appointment please email or call 541-324-2714




Finding your plant ally


Have you always wanted to connect deeper with plants? Are you looking for deeper meaning and purpose? Finding a plant ally that can assist you in these times can be a great help. Plants are here to help us, they are beings with consciousness wanting to connect with us. By consciously doing so is akin to making a new friend, just like new friends they support you but also teach and push you. 


This offering is a cross-pollination of consultation and herbal education. The idea is to work together in finding the right plant for this moment in your life. Diving deep into where you are at in the present moment and where you would like to be. Many different aspects will appear during the intake to assist us in finding the right plant. Looking at these aspects is like putting together a puzzle. Each emotion, illness, lifestyle, diet, work and relationships create the complete puzzle. 


Once we have chosen our plant together we will begin the learning process empowering you with the knowledge of why this ally is right for you at this time. 

Typically you will work with your ally for at least a month if not longer. Getting to know the more subtle energies allowing them to move and shift things. Working in this way you fully connect with your plant ally and is essentially part of you. I like to say that we are adding herbal allies to our herbal tool belt. 

Once you feel complete we can continue our journey by chosen another ally.

Strengthening your knowledge and continuing down the herbal/plant spirit path.

If interested - please send me an email - or give me a call at 541-324-2714

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