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Monthly Herb Club

I am super excited to offer up this unique way of learning and growing your herbal knowledge and apothecary.


The intention of this program is to connect with 12 different Herbal Allies over the course of a year. Each month you will receive an herbal extract along with some dried herb material, infused oil, herbal syrup, seeds or maybe even some fresh plant material. Along with a full Materia Medica monograph, including​ Medicinal and Traditional uses, Herbal actions, tips on medicine making, uses in herbal formulations, Plant ID, sustainable wild harvesting, cultivation, plant energetics, an Ayurvedic point of view, and a deep exploration of herbal lore. We will meet up once a month via zoom to share our experience and dive deeper in a supportive group container, creating meaningful relationships with these medicinal sacred plants and each other. 


 Herbal Allies

By connecting with these different Herbal Allies over the course of  a year. It will really give you a chance to create relationships  with each plant. This is the way people used to learn about the plants by taking the time to learn one intimately before moving on to the next. Some of the plants we may work with include local Oregon wild plants, Ayurvedic herbs, Amazonian plants, along with western herbal allies. I will be going with a more intuitive approach and will let the plants call out as to when they want to be worked with.


Build you home Apothecary 

By the end of the year you will not only have a nicely stocked herbal apothecary but the knowledge and personal experience on how to implement them into your life. We will work with a wide variety of medicinals that you can call upon to help with  most conditions and situations that may arise for you or your family and friends.

Tulsi harvest


We are offering this program using a sliding scale format. Starting at $400 a year which comes out to $33 a month. You can do a pay by month starting at $40 per month. This is the lowest amount to make the program affordable while covering costs, time, shipping, and labor. Anything above the $400 a year will actually help us make a profit and keep this program going. Please consider what you can afford keeping in mind the time and energy it takes to put this all together. Also considering the fact that by paying more you are actually helping keep the sliding scale option available for those who are financially struggling to participate.  

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