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I have had the pleasure to dive into deep plant learning through meditation and the power of community, to collectively engage in the journey of discovering the fundamentals of herbalism with James Keskimaki of Ojas Naturals. James has brought his many years of knowledge and practice to share with students and community members in a comfortable, supportive, encouraging and fun atmosphere. His teaching style is very welcoming to those new to herbalism or  those who simply want to learn the basics about practical plant medicines. Exploring ethically harvested plants from our local bioregion has been very enriching to my daily life and has enlivened everything from walking through my neighborhood to hiking through the woods - I'm looking at the world through a plant magic lens! James truly cares about his practice, those he shares his wisdom with and the world in which we live, and it is a joy to be in community with him and our powerful plant ally learning group. I highly regard and recommend learning with James.



I began working with James in 2022 after joining his Native Plant Immersion course, where James guided us in the subtle art of plant meditation & communication. This course was absolutely life changing for me, opening up my intuition and helping me form deep relationships with the plants we worked with. He holds gentle and open space, allowing for the deep messages of the plants to come through for each person. 


James is a gifted medicine maker as well as facilitator- much of his medicine is made from wildcrafted, or his own homegrown herbs- you can feel care, love and intention live in each step in the process.


- Martha

It was such a joy to learn from Jimy. I am a lifelong plant-lover and have studied with many different herbalists and botanists on my own journey to herbalism. Jimy's approach was so inclusive of all approaches to herbalism. His professional training in traditional Ayurvedic medicine was incredibly insightful. His integration of indigenous practices, energetic medicine, western scientific and more gave such a well-rounded background to each of the plants we got to know intimately.  The format of our study was close-knit and very comfortable. We all got to know one another and learn from our experiences. As far as herbal study goes, this was such a holistic approach and gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation for the plants that we sat with over the course of the semester. 

I attended Jimy’s plant immersion in 2020. I was interested in gaining some experience working with plants intuitively for healing and for the experience of understanding healing plants in a new way. Jimy is extraordinarily knowledgable about the plants he works with from a technical perspective, and as a food chemist this was important to me. But he also brings a kind of connection to his work that goes beyond the intellectual and helped me connect with the plants in a way that reached beyond chemical and physical interaction. Jimy connects with plants as living beings that have healing properties and he helped me do the same. I continue to use the things he taught me in my life daily and I’m deeply grateful to him for sharing his knowledge and understanding.

-John D. Jeffery


"In the Spring of 2021, I took part in a Plant Immersion with James. It was just what I needed after a long winter and dealing with some major life shifts. James' thoughtful planning and facilitation allowed us to not only connect with multiple plants, but to connect with each other. James brings years of knowledge and an open-hearted wisdom of plants, herbs, flora, and fungi, but he is able to break it down and make it accessible to those of us who are newbies or just getting started. He'll totally take the time to get to know you and help you get what you want and need out of the experience."


-Whitney N. (teacher)

James's Ginger Honey Extract is a full encompassing whole body super tonic with Spleen/Stomach soothing Qi and so much more! Nice work!


Jimy is brilliant and wise. It was very informative, magical, and cleansing to connect with nature. Great introduction to the natural beauty of Oregon and all the healing properties of Mother Nature


-Brian July 2022

I have never been in Eugene before and was flying solo. Jimy was super easy going, friendly, and knowledgable. Loved the lush locale and getting to taste medicinal plants along the hike to beautiful vista / outlook. Jimy's respect for the natural world and healing properties is a gift, one he shares graciously and generously. Appreciate his willingness to attune to my pace and share rich convo along the way. Highlight of my trip to Eugene! ;-)

 Sherri L.- August 2022

The herb walk experience was very nice and it was enjoyable to talk with Jimy :)

Xiaxin August 2022

Beautiful experience! Jimy is a thoughtful, warm host with a clear love for the natural world and plants. I learned so much about the area, native plants, and thoughtful harvesting. The experience was great for deeply connecting with nature. Highly recommend this Herb walk experience for visitors and locals alike!


-Benjamin May 2022


My feedback on Una de Gato (Cats Claw) Tincture

So far so good!  Everything seems to be performing as expected. 


Beverly Parrish -Author of Beyond the Diploma - Homeschooling with the End in Mind

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