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Ayurvedic Herbalism & Plant Spirit Immersion

(Earth Wisdom Medicine)

Join us for four different 4 day immersions exploring Earth Wisdom Herbalism. Only open for a maximum of 10 people this is to keep it intimate so everyone can be fully engaged and we can create a family like connection.

During this time you will be privy to what 20 plus years of working with plants and nature has shown me. Welcome to my world of herbalism, we will go out on harvesting missions, make medicine, embrace the plants and all they have to teach us. Exploring how ayurveda and energetics play a huge part in working with herbs and lifestyle for yourself, family and others. Tap into the magical world of plant spirit medicine, ceremony, and surrendering to the flow of mother earth and nature herself.


-4 weekends- We will meet up in different wild areas throughout the beautiful state of Oregon. Where we will be setting up our own little camping paradise. We will meet up Wednesday evening and finish up on Sunday early afternoon.


-Plant spirit medicine/meditation- A potent way to connect with the energetic essence of plants which will be a crucial part of our time together, we will do this through sitting directly with the plants, group plant meditations and ceremony


-Monthly Plant Diets- Each month everyone will choose one plant to work with in-between our gatherings. We will then share our experiences in the next gathering, this is one of the best ways to really get to know and befriend a plant ally. This practice is done in many different traditions especially in the Amazon. There really isn't a better way to learn than to learn from the plants themselves then to get to share those experiences with each other.


-Respectful Wildcrafting- Is one of my favorite ways to really connect and learn from the plants, we will learn the proper ways to respectfully harvest medicine from the land, along with the best way to go about harvesting different plants, times of year, best locations, plant id, and logistics on where you can or cannot or should or should not wildcraft.


-Medicine Making- Make tinctures, salves , oxymels, syrups, decoctions vs infusions, medicated oils, juicing herbs, herbs as food, herbal fermented foods, traditional uses. You will walk away with different medicines of each of the herbs we work with to help fill your herbal apothecary


-Herbal formulation- Discover the best way to formulate herbal remedies for yourself and clients


--Herbal energetics- Understanding how the energetics of herbs and people work and how to use these energetics to to help find the best herbal allies for you people


-Materia Medica- For every plant we work with we will go into deep detail and on will receive a detailed Materia Medica monograph.


-Ayurvedic ways of using plants- The Taste of the herbs and how it effects the body, Dipanas, chavenprash, churna (powdered herbs in water), Panchakarma treatments -Basti, Abyhanga, Svedena, and more 


-Ayurvedic Concepts- We will be incorporating a lot of Ayurvedic methods and terminology throughout this program so we will go into some of the concepts along with ways to incorporate an Ayurvedic lifestyle


-Amazonian (Ecuadorian) medicinal and sacred plants- I’ve been very fortunate to spent a lot of time down in the jungle working with the Siekopai Nation and other traditions in the highlands of Ecuador. I will share some of the lessons, experiences and traditions I’ve been lucky enough to be part of. We may also be blessed to have my good friend from Ecuador join us on one of our immersions probably in June or July.


-Forest bathing, Herbal First Aid, Community connection, Sharing circles, Silence, and connecting with the sacred in everything


-And much much more...


-Includes- Materia medica monographs, herbal tinctures, herbal starts for your garden, recipes, along with other notes. Along with campsite costs. 


-Cost- We are working on a pay what you can starting at $400 per month or $1200 for all 4 immersions


Dates- 2024

May 30 - June 2 Willamette Valley/ or Southern Oregon 

June 27- 30 Ochoco NF/ or Mt. Hood/ or Three Sisters

August 1-4 Mt Hood/ Ochoco NF/ or Three Sisters

"August 22-25 Tentative" Colorado near Salida

All locations may change depending on fire season or weather

-Any questions and to sign up- please send me an email -

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