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Herbal Plant Immersion Series:  An In-depth Exploration of Medicinal plants

Sundays - April 28-June 2

5:30-7:30pm @ Rooted Remedies Apothecary- Eugene, Oregon

In this one of a kind herbal plant immersion series - inspired by my time working with traditional plants in the Amazon, along with many years of Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Plant Spirit Medicine - the focus will be on deepening our connection to the plants, exploring, and creating our own personal relationships. 


In this series, we will focus on some of my favorite Medicinal Plants, working with 5 different plants one per week over a 6 week period. The format for the information I will be sharing with you comes from classic sources ranging from Traditional uses, Western herbalism, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine, Mythology, Plant Identification, Wildcrafting/Foraging (ethics and sustainability), and Medicine-making tips.


During our first class together, we will set our personal and group intentions. Have a discussion about what we will touch on and explore, learn about some different ways of making herbal medicines, then finish with our first plant meditation. During these meditations we are being introduced to the plant we will work with for that week. 


The following weeks will begin with a sharing circle so everyone can speak about their own experiences before we dive into the more formal information on the plant featured that week.  We will end each week with a plant meditation introducing the next plant.


During our time together, I encourage you all to experiment with different ways of connecting with these plants. Throughout each week try to make your own medicines, drink tea, create an altar, get crafty, meditate with them everyday, and find a way that best resonates with you. The thing I love most about doing this in a group setting is that we all have our individual experiences and through those, we all learn so much about the plants and ourselves, then by sharing with each other we all get different perspectives enriching our learning process.


You will walk away from this immersion with a close intimate relationship with 5 different Medicinal Plants. With this knowledge you will feel more confident in calling on these plants in time of need. Be it physical, emotional, or spiritual you will have some tools in your new herbal apothecary to help yourself, loved ones, and others. You will also be part of an herbal community to continue to connect with, along with the opportunity to attend our bi-monthly plant meditations where we will continue exploring the nuances of the plant world.


Class participation includes:

  • Herbal extracts, dried herbs, herbal oils, and digital Materia Medica/ Monograph “Uses, Identification, Harvesting, Medicine making, etc” for all the plants we will work with


Cost: $250-400 Sliding scale/ We want to make this accessible to everyone but need to cover the costs to provide this class


For registration -


Plant Meditations

                          Plant Meditation Series:

                                Eugene Oregon


                      Wednesday evenings    6:15 - 7:45

                                Starting March 27th              

               @Rooted Remedies Apothecary- Eugene,Oregon


Each class we will sit with a different plant teacher. Collectively, we will create a container where we can be present with the “Plant Spirit” and each other. Each meditation will be different and will flow with the energy of whichever plant we are working with. We will receive an “imprint” of the plant by taking it in tincture form, then, meditate for about 20-30 minutes to tune into what the plant wants to share with us. After our meditation, we will have a sharing circle exploring our unique impressions of each plant.


To “sit” with a plant is to learn directly from the plants themselves. This is a practice of learning to connect with the essence or spirit of the plant. When we practice this type of connection, we develop the skills to understand how to observe, with the senses, the knowledge the plant wishes to impart to us – Their gift to us is learning how to receive their intuitive wisdom!

Suggested donation $10 but no one will be turned away


Medicine Making Series

                                  Eugene, Oregon

                                4 classes: 2 hours each 

                                 dates and times TBA


In this exciting Medicine Making Series, we will learn about and demonstrate the best way to process herbs into medicine. The series will consist of 4 consecutive classes with the following themes: 


  1. Tinctures: Tinctures are probably the most popular and convenient way to take herbs. These are alcohol based extracts which can last up to 10 years if stored out of the intense heat and sun. That being said, tinctures only work for plants that are alcohol soluble so make sure you verify this prior to making a tincture! This is why we have many different ways of making and consuming medicine.We will explore the differences between fresh and dried plant preparations using different menstruums, styles and formulations.


2.  Herbal Infused Honeys and Syrups: Yummy and delicious is the name of the game this week. Honey is a delicious, amazing carrier and a super simple way to preserve and extract the beneficial properties from herbs and mushrooms. Syrups are perfect for those water soluble plants and are great for kids of all ages. There are so many different things you can do when making a syrup and we will explore all these different options


3.  Medicinal Oils, Medicated Salves, Poultices and Compresses - This class will focus on topical applications of herbs. Starting with Herbal oils as a great way to get herbs into the hair, skin, and lymph. Oil is a potent herbal carrier and is the main ingredient in making salves. 


4.  Tea-Making: Who doesn't love tea but did you know all the different ways you can create a water extract from herbs? In this week we will learn how to combine herbs for tea blends, and experiment with the differences between Long Infusions, Hot and Cold Decoctions, and Simple tea


Each week, class participants will take home a different medicine that we learn about and create together, including notes on how to make these medicines at home.


Ayurvedic Daily Routine: 

Introduction to the Lifestyle Practice of “Dinacharya”

                                    Eugene, Oregon 


                                    Date and time TBA

In this 2.5 hour workshop, participants will learn about the Ayurvedic Daily Routine and Lifestyle Practice called Dinacharya. We will explore the steps and protocol of this daily routine, learning about the time honored tradition of taking care of oneself through the lens of Ayurveda. 


This class will provide participants with a blueprint of positive ways to go through your day that will impact your life for the better. We will discuss each of the steps, why they are important and have been done in this way for so long, including potential ways they impact the body, mind and spirit. For instance, we will learn about: 


  • Ayurvedic massage

  • What times of the day effect which doshas

  • Pranayama

  • Yoga postures for your dosha

  • Oil Pulling

  • The magic of Triphala

  • The power of gratitude/prayer

  • Neem Turmeric balls, and more!

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