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Why Plant Spirit      Medicine

Know the plant, know Thyself

Working with the subtle and not so subtle energies of plant medicine is a very profound way to dive into a deeper sense of self-knowledge. The plants have a unique way of showing you what you need to work on, look at, and remember. Each plant has its own unique teaching. Every plant has a spirit and there are many different ways to connect to them.


In today's society, there seems to be a disconnect with "Spirit". In general, I notice a lot of disease comes from not being connected to your spiritual self.  I'm not talking about religion, rather speaking of everyone's true nature to connect with something higher than themselves. The plants bring us closer to our true nature. Quieting the mind and bringing us more into our hearts. From the heart is where we really see ourselves, as well as a good way to approach the world. Leading from the heart will show you more ways to be compassionate, accepting, and loving.






Western Plants 

The power of your local plants

Many of the plants that grow around you are just the medicine you need. Every plant has a purpose and can help redirect your life in many positive ways.  

I have experienced the power of a lot of Pacific Northwest plants. While working in ceremony, sitting with the plant, or doing a local plant immersion soft "dieta". These are some of the ways to tap into their individual energies. Each person may respond differently to a certain approach. What may work for you may not work for me just like in life everyone is different. 

I offer an Apprenticeship program, different workshops, herb walks, and retreats. All centered around learning from the plants and the land.

Some of the plants we connect with-

Western Pasque Flower (pictured to the left)

Kishwoof (Western Osha)

Pedicularis racemosa (Parrots Beak)

Devils Club




St. Johns Wort

Oregon grape root


South American Sacred Plants 

Sacred medicine of Ecuador

work with the Secoya, also known as the Siekopa'ai, a small group of indigenous people of Northwestern Ecuador and the Peruvian Amazon. We bring small groups down once a year. Where we work with the transformative medicine of Yagé.

Yagé is a strong visionary brew made from two different plants, Yagé vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and Yagé Oco leaf (Diplopterys cabrerana). The Secoya also includes a pygmy variety of Banisteriopsis vine called Waiyajé. 

When all these plants are cooked together under strict guidelines in a sacred manner they can reveal to us different realms and realities that exist outside of our own, allow us to see the deeper aspects of past traumas, giving us insight into our true being and purpose.

Please visit our website for more detailed information

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