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A place to share the many different paths of my life's purpose.

I have noticed that my interests and work are very similar in a lot of ways and felt it was time to put it all together in one place.

Not only will you find links to Ojas Naturals and our retreats in Ecuador but I will also be offering limited edition small batch tinctures along with handcrafts and medicines from Ecuador. Along with Tea tastings, ceremonies, and tea from old tea trees in Vietnam, Yunnan China, Thailand, and Laos.


There will be a sharing of stories and informative blogs on topics ranging from Herbalism, Ayurveda, Traditional Plant Medicine, Pu 'erh tea, and Indigenous practices.

Offering consultations, workshops, tea ceremonies and plant spirit retreats on the west coast. These are focused on bringing people back into their heart's center. Offering ways to ground back down to the earth through ceremony and connection with nature. This webpage is an experiment and will probably keep changing so check back often.

Meet James

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Herbalist, Ayurvedic Life-Coach, Medicine Maker,

& Plant Spirit Medicine Enthusiast  

James began his formal herbal studies in 1999 at the California School of Herbal Studies under the tutelage of the renowned herbalist James Greene. After many years of traveling extensively around the country, James returned to his studies at the California Ayurvedic School in Nevada City.


Shortly after, he founded Ojas Naturals by focusing on creating products that combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with Western herbalism. James finds inspiration both at home and abroad, and has taken backpacking trips all over the world while practicing leave-no-trace ethics and cultivating a deep reverence for the land.


He continually renews his dedication to plant spirit medicine and is working closely with the Secoya, a small indigenous group in the northwestern region of the Ecuadorian Amazon.  James goes down at least once a year, if not more, to bring groups down for healing ceremonies and to further his own work.

His main focus is on helping people come back to their heart center. We live in a time where the mind dominates our culture. Feelings are pushed down so we don't look or feel vulnerable. Being up in one’s head too much brings depression, mental illness, and stress into our lives. Working with the energies of the plants, time in nature and true connections with one another help bring us back into our hearts. James does this work by connecting people with certain plant allies through ceremony, quality time exploring nature, and teaching ways to balance your day to day life.


When not traveling, James lives in Oregon. Drawn to the area by the abundance of fresh food, potent medicine, and wild people; James can often be found walking in the old-growth forests and alpine areas of the Cascades respectfully wildcrafting plants and mushrooms, playing in his garden or checking out the local music scene.




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Ecuador Healing 


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Contact Info




2852 Willamette st #165  Eugene, OR 97405

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