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Welcome to our store where we offer Herbal Honey Extracts, Ojas Oils, Anti-Itchy, Classes and Immersions, testimonials, along with access to our Blog Posts

Featured Products

Bobinsana TIncture
Magical dreamtime medicine made with our Siekopia Family in Ecuador
Herb of the Month Club
The Herb of the Month club is a 12 month long journey into gaining herbal knowledge & creating your own apothecary
Ojas- Ayurvedic Starter Bundle
5 of the most used Ayurvedic herbal extracts to get you started on your journey into Ayurveda
Brahmi/Tulsi/Sage Honey Extract
Adaptogenic brain food for everything from meditation, critical thinking, writing, and creating
Black Cumin Seed, 1 fluid oz - 30 mls
Ojas Naturals Pure Facial Oils for Use as Moisturizer or in the Oil Cleansing Method (Black Cumin Seed, 1 fluid oz - 30 mls)
Ayurvedic Pulling Oil Peppermint - 4oz bottle
Peppermint Oral Pulling Oil - Made w/ Sesame Oil, Black Seed Oil, Calendula - Lightly Sweetened w/Stevia - Sugar Free - Coconu
Ashwagandha Honey Extract
Male longevity support
Oak/Ivy Remedy
"I ain't afraida no oak!"
Plant Wisdom Immersions 2024
4 different - four day long plant immersions exploring the depth of nature and medicinal plants in the beautiful state of Oregon
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