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Aralia "goddess of the water"

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

A few weeks ago I went out on a wildcrafting mission with the specific intention of harvesting Aralia root (California Spikenard). It had been quite a few years since I have harvested this beautiful plant known for its powerful tonic action on the lungs/respiratory system. Aralia is in the ginseng family and a sister of Devils Club. It is quite serendipitous that I live in the area where Aralia and Devils club both exist. The latter grows south from here into California and Devils Club north up to Alaska.

It was so early in the year that the only way to find it was the hope of a young shoot or an old stalk. Pretty early on I found an old stalk and investigated the area. I dug up a little bit of root to make sure I had the right medicine. As it turned out I definitely did, that ginseng smell that is so familiar was quite pungent. Keeping that little bit I continued on down the path looking for a better and more abundant stand to do a proper harvest. A bit farther down I came across a creek that flowed through a rich stand of old-growth trees with Oregon Grape Root and many mushrooms covering the moist ground. Following my instinct, I climbed over down trees through the thick underbrush upriver where I laid my eyes upon a beautiful stand of Aralia. Growing right along the side of the river! This would make the harvest quite easy.

Before I began harvesting I sat with the plants saying some prayers thanking the spirits for the medicine and assistance in helping whoever may need this medicine. It is a good practice to slow down and be present when harvesting. These plants are very powerful so giving them respect is important. This will also connect you more deeply with the spirit of the plant, making the medicine more spiritually infused and potent.

Aralia is an excellent warming remedy for moist lung conditions. It reduces inflammation and can repair tissue damage in the lungs. A great tonic for heavy smokers and folks with a history of lung issues

Being in the ginseng family Aralia is also an adaptagen that helps regulate the body's reaction to stress, anxiety, adrenal burnout, and exhaustion.

1 oz tinctures are available for $15 includes shipping

DM if interested

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