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Can't get you out of my head

Western Pasque Flower

Anemone occidentalis

Often referred to as Hippy on a stick this unique Dr. Suess character knows just how to work its magic when you need it the most. Typically found growing up in the high alpine of the cascade Mountains among the peaks and gorgeous meadows.

It seems fitting that it helps people who are in their heads, too much mental activity. This represents too much wind in the mind. Western Pasque Flower has a way of calming the mind that I haven’t experienced from any other plant.

Many have found it very beneficial in sacred plant ceremonies when a participant gets too far out there and needs some help/grounding. Similarly used at festivals to help bring people back from being “to out there”. That being said it is good to have around for those who deal with lots of Vata,"anxiety, worry, nervousness " and need that supportive grounding action.

I first learned about Anemone back in 1999 at the California school of Herb Studies where we were taught that it is the best remedy for Doom and Gloom depression. As it has a relationship with wind it can calm the mind but also activate the mind to kick you out of a deep emotional state.

During some plant meditations with Anemone where we all took higher doses most of us had the experience of soaring and lifting up into the skies. Higher doses can stimulate the anxiety, racing heart so take care. I recommend that you don’t use more than 5 drops at a time, you can give more after 20 minutes if needed.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the mountains to collect and reconnect with this very special ally. If you are interested in getting some we have a small amount still available @

Written and photo by: James Keskimaki

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