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Sweetness is in the Root

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Sweetroot Seeds


Osmorhiza occidentalis

Sweetness is just the beginning of the magic!

I first discovered Sweetroot a couple years ago on a weeklong plant spirit medicine trip in Eastern Oregon. During these trips we would work with a different local plant everyday. Going and being with them in different ways, taking tincture of the plant, chewing on a piece, or simply sitting in their presence.

Having ceremony and connecting deeply to the subtle energy of these beings. While doing this work we were doing a simple diet of quinoa and veggies. No salt or spices, it was a way of doing a simple recreation of a Peruvian Dieta.

So with all that said we actually didn't work with Sweetroot but it was growing everywhere. About three quarters of the way through the week long trip my stomach and digestive system was going crazy. I have since discovered that too much quinoa is no bueno. Finally I said something and my friend suggested Sweetroot tincture. Lo and behold 30 minutes later I was feeling so much better. Another one of those "Herbs Work" moments. I was sold this plant is amazing, I made it my mission to harvest some before we left. So after everyone pretty much left a couple of us went to harvest some plants and made it a point to get some of this magical plant. I was lucky enough to get about 1/2 pound of root, making me around 12 or so ounces. This lasted me about six months after I giving some away and sharing it with folks. Last year I went back and discovered that it was growing everywhere!!! Feeling really good about how much was growing I felt comfortable harvesting about a gallon worth of medicine.

I made a couple different batches of tincture all using my alcohol, honey mixture. I was a bit hesitant to mix honey in as it is already sweet but the honey really rounds out the flavor. Out of the two batches I made one I made with fresh root and one with dry root. They definitely were different especially in the bite you got when first taking it. In the end I mixed the two and really loved the outcome so I ended up mixing it all together.

Here is a rundown on some of the things Sweetroot is good for:

-stimulates the mucous membranes of the intestines to make the gut less hospitable to fungal infections "candida"*

-topically it can help with athletes foot, ringworm, jock itch and the fungal infections*

-Taking 5-10 drops after having food that can aggravate your digestion

-Tincture can reduces sugar cravings and can regulate blood sugar imbalances*

Harvest the roots after it has gone to seed, make sure you harvest from an area where it is abundant and even then be respectful of how much you take. It is best to take plants that are medium sized and are growing on the outer edges or downhill from the main stand. A good practice is to always replant a small amount of the root to keep the stand strong.*

If anyone is interested in obtaining some of the tincture I make please send me an Email at

* From Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants By Scott Kloos

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